Secure Your Car At Home 10 Ways The Ultimate Guide


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Secure Your Car At Home 10 Ways The Ultimate Guide

The Challenge

To prevent your car from being stolen. When thinking about extra security there are more than a few options. Some are relativity cheap whilst others can be expensive. In this guide, you will learn the best ways to prevent would-be thieves from stealing your vehicle.

Easy Steps To Secure Your Car

  1. Have you locked your car?
  2. Is my car in a clearly visible location well lit?
  3. Have I removed valuables?
  4. Steering Wheel Lock
  5. Anti RFID wallet
  6. CCTV
  7. Alarm Security Light
  8. Guard Dog 

Add CCTV To Secure Your Car

One of the very best ways to secure your car and deter thieves is with a CCTV camera system. Crooks don’t like to be seen so having a camera will prevent any opportunist. There are plenty of CCTV available on the market from simple setups to more expensive complete systems. You can hardwire a CCTV system for as little as £100 with complete systems up to £1500 plus fitting. With the rise in WIFI camera systems, it now became easier than ever to install yourself. One of the leading brands in WIFI cameras is they offer a wide selection of floodlight cams, doorbells, and many more. When thinking about purchasing CCTV equipment you want to buy the best resolution you can afford at the time of writing its 4k resolution. If you just want to put off opportunists or install a visual deterrent a dummy camera could be a simple solution.

Steering Wheel Lock

The best visual deterrent that is portable is a steering wheel lock. They send a very clear signal to any would-be thieves that it’s going to be difficult to steal your car. A thief will find it hard to remove the steering wheel lock buying time for the police to arrive or for you to raise the alert. The question you have to ask yourself is. If you were going to steal a car would you pick the one with a steering wheel lock or move on to an easier target?

There are many steering wheel locks on the market we have written a complete guide to the very best brands to secure your vehicle.

Ghost Immobiliser To Secure Your Car

When thinking about extra security the best after-market immobiliser has to be the Ghost. How the system works is simple there is a unlock code only you know, like unlocking your phone with a swipe method but in this case, you are pressing buttons and pumping pedals in order to start your car. The installation cost at the time of writing is £449 plus vat. If you’ve spent thousands on a high-performance car then buying a Ghost immobiliser is defiantly the way to go.

Security Your Car With Window Etching

Thinking extra security window etching is a really simple inexpensive way to secure your car and to deter thieves. The etching is a logo of the International Security Register (the ISR) and a code unique to the car. The unique code is linked to a database used by all Police Forces in the UK. If your car is stolen you are 50% more likely to have your vehicle recovered and 50% more likely to deter thieves with window etching added to your car. Everything we can do to secure our vehicles however small is important to deter and prevent theft.

Telescopic Post

Telescopic Post has to be one of the best ways and most annoying to secure your car. Visually would-be thieves can see a clear obstruction making it extremely difficult to maneuver a stolen car. They cost around £300 to install and could be the perfect way to keep your car safe. As ever there are many on the market to choose from take a look below to find out more. Don’t forget to place the post down before you dive off, many sad times for people who have driven into their own security deterrents.

Security Light

Security lights are great visual deterrents to keep your house and car secure. Lighting up any intruders lurking in the dark it is best to get an electrician in to install. There are plenty now on the market most are LEDs and some come with the added benefit of CCTV.

Car Key Signal Blocker To Secure Your Car

There are some great advantages to keyless cars but one of the main drawbacks is thieves are becoming more sophisticated in their approach to crimes. They have worked out how to clone a signal from your car, they will then create a new key open and drive away with your car undetected. To prevent this from happening you need a signal blocker or simply store the keys well away from your car. The best on the market at the time of writing is a MONOJOY Faraday Bag, small and compact and looks smart too.

Guard Dog To Secure Your Car

A guard dog is one of the best investments you can make for your property and family. They are a great deterrent to burglars, thieves, or other intruders who may have malicious intent on hurting anyone in your home. If correctly trained by an expert professional they will be alerted when someone comes onto the premises without permission and go after them with all their might while also alerting you as soon as anything goes wrong so that you know what’s going on at any given time! It takes some research into things like breed size but it’ll definitely be worth taking care of properly because not only do these dogs act as guardians against intruders; they give off such a sense of security which makes others feel safe too from people looking to cause harm nearby.

Turn Your Wheels To the Curb To Secure Your Car

We would caution you against turning your wheels into the curb when parking on the road. This is not an effective deterrent for thieves and could actually cause more damage to your car’s suspension. We recommend using a steering wheel lock instead of this method in order to keep the car safe from criminals who may be looking for easy targets like yours!

Add Wheel Clamps To Secure Your Car Over Night

Car wheel clamps have become very popular over the years as they are difficult to remove without power tools. They are a great visual deterrent to ward of any would-be thieves.

Securing your car is one of the most important things to do. The above guide should have given you a greater understanding of how to better protect your vehicle overnight or out and about. The more extra security measures you can implement the hard it will be for thieves to take your car. Always remember to lock your car first get the basics right and you shouldn’t have a problem in the long run.

If you are interested in purchasing a steering wheel lock check out my other blog do steering wheel locks deter thieves. 

Thanks for reading.