Audi Q3 Steering Wheel Lock Guide


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Audi Q3 Steering Wheel Lock Guide

The Audi Q3, a high-end sub-cross over SUV, really caught my attention when it was released in 2011. Its popularity is evident, with over 100 thousand units sold. Now in its second generation, the upgradable models like the Audi RS Q3 and the TFSI and TDI Quattro are particularly sought-after.

With such desirable vehicles, it’s crucial to ensure top-notch protection. That’s why I strongly recommend installing the best security steering wheel lock in your car to prevent theft or break-ins.

For maximum security, I highly recommend the Disklok. Its robust design and proven track record make it an excellent choice for safeguarding your Audi Q3.

When it comes to daily use, the Stoplock Pro is my go-to recommendation. It’s user-friendly, easy to fit, and provides a strong deterrent against potential thieves. For a full review check out my article on Disklok Vs Stoplock.

Second Best
Third Best
Disklok Steering Wheel Full Cover Silver Security Lock Police Approved (Medium, 39cm - 41.5cm)
Stoplock 'Pro' Car Steering Wheel Lock W/Keys HG 149-00 - Anti-Theft Security Device - Vehicle Crime...
Milenco HS Yellow Steering Wheel Lock
Price not available
Disklok Steering Wheel Full Cover Silver Security Lock Police Approved (Medium, 39cm - 41.5cm)
Price not available
Second Best
Stoplock 'Pro' Car Steering Wheel Lock W/Keys HG 149-00 - Anti-Theft Security Device - Vehicle Crime...
Third Best
Milenco HS Yellow Steering Wheel Lock

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Understand Your Steering Wheel Size

When it comes to selecting the right size for your steering wheel lock, especially for models like the Disklok and Stoplock Pro, it’s important to consider the specific dimensions that will best fit your vehicle’s steering wheel. For the Disklok, I’d recommend the Medium size. Although a small might fit, it tends to be a bit tight and might not be as easy to handle.

As for the Stoplock Pro, you don’t necessarily need the Elite version. The main difference between the standard Stoplock Pro and the Elite is the bend. The Elite model has a larger bend, which is designed to accommodate larger steering wheel airbags. So, if your car has a larger steering wheel with bigger airbags, the Elite would be a better choice. Otherwise, the standard Stoplock Pro should suffice.

It’s crucial to pick the right size to ensure not only the lock’s effectiveness but also to make sure it’s not too cumbersome to use on a daily basis. Getting the size right means you’ll have a steering wheel lock that’s both practical and effective in deterring theft.

Types of steering wheel locks

​Disklok Steering Lock

I consider the Disklok to be the absolute best steering wheel lock available, and my experience over the past year has only reinforced this belief. The security it offers is not just theoretical; it’s been proven through rigorous independent testing. Although it is quite heavy, which is a testament to its solid construction, using the Disklok is surprisingly straightforward.

This lock, which you can learn more about at Disklok Steering Wheel Lock, provides me with immense peace of mind, particularly at night. The assurance I feel with the Disklok in place is unrivaled, making it my top recommendation for vehicle security.

Disklok Gold Security Edition Car Steering Wheel Full Cover Anti- Angle Grinder Anti-Theft Lock…
  • WORLD’S MOST STRONGEST & EFFECTIVE STEERING WHEEL LOCK – The unique design of the Disklok has a long…
  • AWARD WINNING DESIGN RECOMMENDED BY THE POLICE – By consistently being the best on the market, Disklok…

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  • Great deterrent.
  • Comes with three keys.
  • Anti-drill and anti-pick locking barrel.
  • Eight disc spinning anti drill components. 
  • Soft inner lining to protect the steering wheel.
  • Comes in three sizes – small – medium & large.


  • Large (41.5cm – 44cm).
  • Heavy 4.5 kg.
  • Can be tricky to fit at first.
  • Takes up boot space.
Spins on attack preventing steering the vehicle and stops the vehicle’s own steering lock from being broken
Covers the entire wheel preventing cutting the wheel
Prevents airbag theft
A mechanical device which deters keyless entry thefts
Anti-drill and anti-pick locking barrel
Sold Secure Gold
Simple design allowing fitting and removal in a few seconds
Is ultra-visible, increasing the deterrent factor
Recognised by vehicle insurers with possible discount on premiums with certain brokers
3-year Manufacturer’s warranty
Includes 3 keys, spare key code and fitting guide
Comes in three sizes

Full Face Steering Wheel Lock

Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock

I recently discovered the Melenco (Read my full review) and I must say, it’s a fantastic choice for vehicle security. What stands out to me is how easy it is to fit – the installation process is quick and hassle-free, which is a huge plus in my book.

Despite offering robust protection, it’s surprisingly lightweight at just 2.5 kg. This strikes the perfect balance between being strong and easy to handle. Another great feature is that it comes with 3 keys, providing not just convenience but also backup options, which is always reassuring.

All in all, the Melenco Steering Wheel Lock impresses with its combination of user-friendliness, certified security, and practical design. It’s an excellent choice for keeping your vehicle safe, and I highly recommend it as my third option.

Milenco High Security Steering Wheel Lock + Silver with Pad and Bag
  • Exceeds the Sold Secure Gold Automotive standard – Sold Secure is the toughest security rating
  • Supplied with 2 x Steering Wheel Soft Pads for enhanced steering wheel protection
  • Quality carry bag for safe storage

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  • Easy to fit.
  • Gold Sold Secure standard.
  • Weight 2.5 kg.
  • 3 x keys.


  • Not as secure as other wheel locks.
  • Long 54.5cm. 
  • Could have difficulty locking.
  • Not as variously intimating as others.

A full-face steering wheel lock is a lock that covers the whole steering wheel to prevent anyone from gripping the steering wheel.

Some of the most secure steering wheel locks on the market are full-face. For those who want more peace of mind, they’re made from high-quality metal and have a serial number and unique key.

They are extremely difficult to remove and if someone were to get into your vehicle and try to remove the disk, it would just spin, making your vehicle immobile.

Half Face Steering Wheel Lock

A half-face steering wheel lock covers half of the steering wheel to prevent the steering wheel from moving. They are effective and offer a combination of features, such as a full-face and bar-like. We have listed the best ones below.

Standard Bar Steering Wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a metal bar that you attach to your steering wheel with a double or single hook and then attach to the other end. The bar will prevent the steering wheel from turning. This is a traditional design and one that works. They are simple to use and store and can also be used as a hammer style in case you need to smash a window in an emergency.

Wheel To Pedal Lock

The Wheel to Pedal steering wheel lock attaches to the steering wheel with hooks and then onto the brake pedal to prevent the steering wheel and brake system from being used. There are only a few of these types wheel to pedal locks on the market because the design isn’t the easiest to use for everyday use.

A long reinforced steel bar that hooks the brake pedal and steering wheel together. This ensures that the steering wheel will not turn. These can take a little longer to set up but are a worthwhile investment if required.

Factors To Consider


Steering wheel locks typically weigh between 5kg and 1kg, depending on the make and model.

One disadvantage of a full-face wheel lock is the weight. These wheel locks can be heavy and difficult to move around, which can lead to issues when working in small areas. A Disklok, for example, weighs around 5kg. Whereas a Stoplock pro weights 2.5kg

Daily Use & Storage

After testing all the steering wheel locks on the market, daily use becomes a big factor.

When testing a full face disk lock, storage became a problem. Moving it around my car to fit the family in we often found the boot was the only space to store the lock and sometimes I simply forgot to put the lock on after a long day. There was also a short learning curve in order to fit the lock correctly.

A bar lock is easier to use on a daily basis and takes up less space, but it offers fewer security features and is not as strong as a deterrent. However, it was always easy to hand and simple to fit.


As with anything you buy in life, if you buy cheap you buy twice. A good quality steering wheel lock should last you a lifetime. A bar lock like a Stoplok Pro or a full-face disk lock like a Disklok is the best quality on the market.

Steering Wheel Lock Sizes

Most steering wheel locks will fit the majority of vehicles.

A bar-style lock will fit most steering wheels of any size. You’ll need to consider the size of the airbag: a Stoplock Pro will fit a small airbag and a Stoplock Pro Elite will fit a larger airbag. Check out our full review here.

A full-face steering wheel usually comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. A smaller full-face wheel will fit most hatchbacks and sedans; a medium-size will fit most SUVs and people carriers, and a large one is made for vans.


A steering wheel lock is designed to prevent theft. They are a fantastic deterrent for any would-be criminals. We strongly recommend you purchase a well-known or branded steering wheel with plenty of reviews.


When it comes to securing your Audi Q3, a car that expertly blends the comfort of an SUV with the sleekness of a sedan, choosing the right steering wheel lock is not just an option, but a necessity. In my journey through various car security solutions, I’ve found that the Disklok stands out as the perfect steering wheel lock for this vehicle.