Best Steering Wheel Lock – A Buyer’s Guide.


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beginners guide to steering wheel locks

Everybody likes to think that their vehicle will never be stolen or broken into. This simply isn’t the case and probably why you’re here reading this guide. Personally, I’ve had my car stolen and broken into over five times in the past three years. Since purchasing a steering wheel lock and locking my doors (we’ve all done it, left our vehicles unlocked) I haven’t had an issue with my car being stolen since or broken into. Long gone are the days where we could leave the doors open and come and go as we pleased. We now have to secure and locked down all of our valuable possessions.

Purchasing a steering lock sends a visual representation to any would-be thieves that this vehicle/car will not be easy to steal. This sends an obvious message to everyone you’ve thought about security and there may be other devices making it difficult to take your vehicle without issues for the would-be thief.

Securing your vehicle is of paramount importance and the most cost effect and visual way are with a steering wheel lock.

Whether you are looking for a deterrent or simply looking for more security, a steering wheel lock is a low-cost and fast way of securing your car without breaking the bank. That said, there are many types of steering wheel locks. In cased locks, bar locks, pedal-to-wheel locks, and more. You also need to consider the size of the steering wheel lock and if the lock has been security tested to withstand an attempted robbery.

In this guide you will learn how to measure your steering wheel, market-leading steering wheel locks, where to purchase your lock, how much they cost, and much more.

How to fit a steering wheel lock correctly.

How to measure your steering wheel.

Here at we know one of the first questions you will have is. How to measure your steering wheel so you can buy the correct wheel lock.

You will need to make accurate measurements before purchasing a steering wheel lock. To do this, we need to measure the diameter and outside circumference of the entire steering.

Things you will need to measure your steering wheel.

1. Tailor tape measure or a tape measure.

2. Pen & paper.

How to measure the diameter of a steering wheel.

Take your tape measure and place starting from the left-hand side, pull the tape measure across until it comes to the end of the other side. You are measuring edge to edge. The average steering wheel size is 35 to 41 centimeters.

You may also have to measure the circumference of your steering wheel to buy a steering wheel cover to prevent the lock from snagging or ripping the leather on your steering wheel. To do this simply start by placing the tailor tape measure at the top of the steering wheel, keeping the tape tight as you wrap it around the circumference of the wheel so you can get an accurate measurement.

How Much Does A Steering Wheel Lock Cost?

The second thing you’re probably wondering when searching for a steering wheel lock is the price. Well, for securing your vehicle this has to be the cheapest and most effective way. With that said you don’t want to go to cheap, remember the quote by Gabriel Bell “You get what you pay for;” there is no difference here.

How much should you pay for a good security-tested steering wheel lock?

You can pay between £5 up to £200 the more expensive steering wheel locks come with more testing and security features and it also depends if you are buying an enclosed lock or bar type.

Security Tested

You should look out for the secure automotive gold standard when purchasing a steering wheel lock. Having the gold standard as a selling feature means Sold Secure has tested the steering wheel lock under strenuous conditions and has awarded the lock with a gold standard for security. Sold Secure is the premier testing and certification house for security products.

Secured by Design is also another excellent resource for steering wheel locks security.

Note: Any steering lock claiming to be Thatcham insurance approved is no longer valid. Thatcham no longer assesses physical devices such as wheel clamps and steering wheel locks.

How Quick Are They To Fit?

Easy to Fit – Most steering wheel locks are easy to fit. They may take a few minutes to start with until you get used to how they work, but after a few days, it should only take one minute to fit. All Steering Wheel Locks come from an established brand and are supplied by EU authorized manufacturers when necessary


To stop thieves from walking away with your car, install a Steering Wheel Lock! The perfect accessory for ensuring you have good peace of mind in parking lots or construction sites. There are a number of locks available depending on what steering wheel size and security level you’re looking for. We recommend the Disklok which comes in three sizes – 18/25 mm (8-1/2″), 38/43 mm (13″), 44 cm (17″) to fit all cars with different size wheels. This is one of the most secure locks we recommend is the Disklok.


As theft rates increase, companies are now expanding their range of steering wheel locks to include more affordable options. This has to lead to more unorthodox designs with varying weights, for instance, some weighing up to 5kg while others weighing as light as 1kg. When considering a steering wheel lock, consider your own abilities and lifestyle. If you`re one who frequents public parking or needs mobility out the boot when arriving at remote destinations- then an enclosed lock is probably best for you! No matter what design suits your needs best, steering wheel locks provide peace of mind knowing that thieves have no way of accessing the steering wheel and driving away with your car.


A steering wheel lock’s job is to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. You don’t want a lock that looks like a toothpick, aesthetics are important – bright colours to ward off any potential thieves, and overall size and thickness that looks difficult to break off. Does the lock look unbreakable?


Your security is your responsibility, with this in mind you should always make sure to get a steering wheel lock that’s compatible with your vehicle and suitable for the type of activity you are going to be doing while driving. Look into a lock that offers maximum protection like our StopLock Pro and Elite models. Most steering wheel locks fit most manufactured standard steering wheels but we recommend checking with the manufacturer for compatibility before deciding on one model in particular.

The Way It Locks & Unlocks

Some steering wheel locks have keys some have key codes. The problem with a key code is a master thief could crack the code in minutes, but the benefit is you don’t need another key to carry and after all most steering wheel locks are just to ward off the would-be thief’s so they move to the next target.


The steering wheel lock is an important purchase for all drivers, it’s a safety device that prevents being carjacked or suffering a break-in. Thankfully there are many on the market to choose from that suit different needs and use cases such as whether you plan to use it daily or if you will work hardening your vehicle so less likely of a target. The importance of investing in a quality steering wheel lock cannot be overstated, keep your family safe by choosing one with steel locks, durability, and weight.

It’s important to think about use and frequency. Will you be able to lift the lock daily? Will the lock wear on your steering wheel? Is buying a cheaper model going to last as long? Does the steering wheel lock come with a manufacturer guarantee? If you are going to be using the lock daily you may also want to invest in a steering wheel cover to protect your wheel after daily use.


Where are you going to keep your steering wheel lock when driving? Are you traveling with the kids daily or do you comminute on your own? Storing the steering wheel lock could be an issue if you pick the larger models. Think about how the lock will work with you daily. Can you put the lock under your car seat? Is it easily accessible?


There is more to purchasing a steering wheel lock than meets the eye. We have covered the most commonly asked questions in the blog post. Listed below are the steering wheel locks we recommend at