Best Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes Buyers Guide

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Best Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes

 The Best Wheel Clamps make them a solid choice for protecting your motorhome while in storage or on a campsite. It can take one person just seconds to break into an unsecured motorhome. Wheel clamps will keep thieves from making off with your vehicle or deter them altogether. We have listed the very best wheel clamps on the market below so you don’t have to do hours of research.

A Wheel Clamp is a must while on the campsite. Believe it or not, motorhomes can be stolen whilst you are on a walk or taking time out somewhere else.

Quick answer:

Do wheel clamps deter theft?

Yes, wheel clamps are a common theft deterrent that can be used for cars, caravans, and motorhomes.

It’s important for individuals who have a new wheel camp installed to remember not to accidentally leave the clamp on before driving off, yes I have done that before.

Best Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes

What makes a good wheel clamp?

“A good wheel clamp is an essential tool at any motorhome or mobile home”.

When I purchase my first wheel clamp these are the questions I’d wished I’d asked myself.

  1. Are they security tested and rated?
  2. Are they visible to ward off would-be thieves?
  3. Are they made from strong materials?
  4. Are they easy to fit?

All-wheel clamps fall into three basic groups: 1) those that attach directly to the rim of your wheel, 2) those that do not, and 3) those that use a special “drive-through” design that mounts outside of the wheel-rim.

Each has different advantages and problems. We will take a look at the best on the market below.

Are wheel clamps insurance approved?

Some wheel clamps are insurance approved others are not depending on if they have been tested by the insurance company.

When you see an “approved” security device. These have been tested and certified by independent organisations, such as Sold Secure and Thatcham in the UK.

What is the best type of wheel clamp for a motorhome?

One of the most important security features on a motorhome is the types of wheel clamps. They should be brightly colored and look intimidating.

There are several different styles to choose from, but it’s best to have one that can be easily removed in case you need access to your tires quickly and don’t want any gear or other items permanently attached to your motorhome.

Types of Wheel Clamps

Triangular Wheel Clamps.

Triangular wheel clamps are one of the more popular styles. They have chains or metal arms which wrap around a vehicle’s tyres, to prevent movement. The triangular covering plate snaps tightly over all four lug nuts on your tire providing an added layer of security that can’t be removed by hand tools alone like just about any other style clamp out there!

Bulldog CA2000C Centaur Wheel Clamp

The Bulldog CA2000c Wheel Clamp For Motorhomes is a high-security clamp that protects your wheel nuts. It has heavy-duty construction and an extremely visible finish to ensure you will be able to locate it in the dark with ease.

The Bulldog range offers 8 sizes of clamps: one for smaller tires, another for larger vehicles such as caravans, motorhomes, or RVs. The Bulldog CA200C is specially built for the motorhome. Before purchasing we recommend always measuring your wheel size.

Bulldog also includes insurance-approved security locks designed by experts who have had over 45 years of experience in this field – these locking mechanisms are meant specifically not just to protect against thieves but lock out all unauthorized access.


  1. Sold Secure Approved
  2. The Centaur Wheelclamp meets Police approved standards.
  3. Heavy duty
  4. Fully strengthened steel bottom arms.
  5. Adjustable arms allow fitment to a variety of wheel sizes.
  6. Protects wheel nuts.
  7.  Insurance Approved
  8. Recommended for alloy wheels.


  1. Very heavy 20kg
  2. Cumbersome to fit at first
  3.  Not intended to be used on a daily basis.

MILENCO 16″ Wheel Clamp Motorhome M16

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MILENCO 16" Wheel Clamp Motorhome M16
  • 16 Size
  • Approximately 10 Kgs
  • Has Won Every Attack Test

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MILENCO 16″ Wheel Clamp Motorhome M16

Do you need a wheel clamp for your motorhome? MILENCO has the best options for wheel clamps. MILENCO 16″ Wheel Clamp Motorhome M16 is a high-quality wheel clamp for your vehicle. This wheel clamp will fit onto your vehicle’s wheels and will keep your tires safe. The wheel clamps are made of high-quality materials which make them durable and strong. This wheel clamp is easy to install with a high-quality finish they are defiantly worth taking into consideration. 


  1. Exceed Sold Secure Gold standard
  2. Re-engineered simple to fit
  3. Resistant to attacks by sawing, freezing, and picking
  4. Suits alloy and steel caravan wheels
  5. Comes in two sizes M15 & M16
  6.  Suitable for motorhomes 


  1. Difficult to take off at first
  2. Bit fiddly when you first install

Maypole SH5456 Wheel Clamp 

The innovative and versatile heavy-duty triangular wheel clamp is perfect for caravans, motorhomes, as well as other vehicles. Made of durable steel with a black finish to match your vehicle’s appearance; the adjustable-width design makes it suitable for wheels ranging from 618mm – 818mm in diameter (versus traditional clamps that are usually made specifically for one size). The rubber backing prevents slipping while on bumpy surfaces or ramps making installation simple and easy.


  1. Approved to Sold Secure Gold standard
  2. Suitable for caravans and motorhomes
  3. Versatile heavy-duty triangular wheel clamp
  4. Fully adjustable (set once only) for wheel diameter
  5. Covers wheel nuts, wheel trims, and alloy wheels
  6. Protective rubber on the backplate to prevent damage


  1. Could be difficult to fit at first
  2. Resonlablity heavy 6.55 kg

New Defender Wheel Clamp

The Defender Wheel Clamp is a clever device that will fit most caravans and motorhomes, giving you peace of mind knowing your wheels are secured. The wheel clamps are easy to install and come in two sizes – small for 13-18″ steel or alloy wheels up to 275mm widths; large model for larger than 780mm diameter tires. There are two models available one for medium wheel and another for larger.

We always recommend you measure your wheel before purchasing a wheel clamp.


  1. Designed to be fitted in seconds.
  2. The wheel clamp is supplied with 2 keys
  3. Fits 13″ – 18″ steel or alloy wheels up to 275mm widths.
  4. Two models available large and medium depending on wheel size.


  1. Could be difficult to take off at first
  2. Heavy at 12.7 Kilograms

Claw Wheel Clamps

The wheel clamps are designed to hug the tire in two places for a secure hold. The arms are shaped like hooks, and they have metal posts on either end that lock onto each other securely when tightened into place.

Fullstop Purple Line Nemesis Plus Wheel Clamp for Motorhomes

The Fullstop Purple Line Nemesis Plus Wheel Clamp is the ideal product for any motorhome. With a weight of 6.5kg, it is light enough not to cause inconvenience or encumbrance in your vehicle whilst you are on the long-haul trip of a lifetime and its size will not interfere with any matter of boot space when they get fitted either! The fullstop Nemesis is brilliant if you want something simple and easy to use whilst you’re on holiday.


  1. Quick to install.
  2. Lightweight 6.5kg.
  3.  Comes with three keys.
  4. Bright Orange.


  1. First-time use bit fiddly.

Milenco Compact

Milenco copact wheel clamp is designed to be simple to fit while achieving uncompromising security for your motorhome. This strong steel wheel clamp has a design that protects your precious cargo and ensures the success of your trip. Lightweight (3.92kg), this lock will protect you from theft and deter potential thieves. The Milenco camp works perfectly on long trips away and motorway services stop. They are small and light enough to stash away and remove when needed. Check out the two videos I have provided below for more details on how to install and use them.


  1. Quick to install.
  2. Comes with a storage case.
  3. Bright Yellow.
  4. Fits wheels from 12 to 16 inches and size 145 to 225 tyres.


  1. First-time use bit fiddly.
  2. No wheel lock attachement. 

Bulldog EuroClamp Sold Secure 4 x 4

The Bulldog EuroClamp is a Sold Secure 4×4 wheel clamp that is easy to fit and will work on most motorhomes. Being Sold Secure approved means it will keep your vehicle safe from theft with its strengthened steel locking arms. It comes in a variety of sizes for tyres with widths up to 280mm and tyre profile distances up to 230mm. No wheel lock is included so we would always recommend installing a locking wheel nut.


  1. Designed to be fitted in seconds.
  2. The wheel clamp is supplied with 2 keys.
  3. Five years manufacturers warranty.


  1. Could be difficult to take off at first.
  2. No locking wheel nut.
  3. Not as secure as other clamps.
  4. Heavy at 7 KG

What size wheel clamp do I need? 

Motorhomes have wider tires than most cars and some clamp models won’t work. You’ll want to check the manufacturer’s information before you buy a wheel clamp so that it will be compatible with your specific wheel.

Conclusion For Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes

Should you buy a wheel clamp to secure your motorhome? The answer has to be yes, you’ve invested your hard-earned cash securing your access is important 

 A wheel clamp is an inexpensive way to keep your vehicle safe. Most people buy one because they need peace of mind when storing their motorhome away from home and making sure that no unwanted person will take advantage of its presence in campgrounds. We hope this blog has been of help to you and if it has please check out our other blog on motorhomes to add even more security. 

If you haven’t already you should also check out what steering wheel locks we recommend.

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