Alternative Security Ideas

Alternative Security Ideas – Guard Dogs, CCTV Cameras, Wheel Disc Locks, Telescopic Post, Home Alarms, Smoke Alarms, Car Immobilisers and more

Your Car Is Stolen Then Found UK

What Happens When Your Car Is Stolen Then Found UK

Your Car Is Stolen Then Found UK Report your vehicle as stolen Immediately contact the police and your insurance company if you think you know that your vehicle has been stolen. Contact your local police station Dial 101 to contact your local police. They will need to know the following information: Your license plate number,…

Best Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes

Best Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes Buyers Guide

Best Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes  The Best Wheel Clamps make them a solid choice for protecting your motorhome while in storage or on a campsite. It can take one person just seconds to break into an unsecured motorhome. Wheel clamps will keep thieves from making off with your vehicle or deter them altogether. We have…

catalytic converter theft

Catalytic Converter Theft

Someone stealing your catalytic converter is something you can’t predict and it will negatively affect you. We just had to deal with this recently within our family with the catalytic converter of my mother-in-law’s Honda Civic being stolen and my close friend’s sister having hers stolen in front of her home.  If you have a…

Best Car Key Signal Blockers

What is The Best Car Key Signal Blocker Buyers Guide

What is the best car key signal blocker? The best car signal blocker is called Faraday bags or pouches.  With the future of electrification and almost all car manufacturers producing keyless cars, there has been a sharp rise in keyless entry car theft. If you can prevent becoming a victim to a keyless car theft and…

15 of the best guard dogs

15 Best Guard Dogs to Protect Your Home & Car

What is The Best Guard Dog? ​Owning a guard dog to protect your property and to warn off any unwanted visitors is one way to boost security and peace of mind whilst you are away or asleep. The best guard dogs are loyal family members with a good instinct to protect territory and property. About…