Do Steering Wheel Locks actually work?


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Do Steering Wheel Locks actually work?

Yes, a steering wheel lock does work they are a visual deterrent and a great tried and tested inexpensive way to protect your vehicle from theft.

Not all steering wheel locks are made equal we have tested the top makes and models and also asked the experts to find out the best overall steering wheel lock for security.

There are two leading brands that are clear winners when it comes to steering wheel locks and we will reveal them in a moment.

What is the point of a steering wheel lock?

What is the point of a steering wheel lock

The point of a steering wheel lock is to send a clear visual deterrent to would-be thieves that this car/van is not going to be easy to steal.

They are designed with a simple security feature so that they cannot be easily cut or removed and can only be opened with the right key.

A steering wheel lock will prevent the steering wheel from moving once attached.

Can a car be stolen with steering lock on?

Can a car be stolen with steering lock on

Yes, a car can be stolen with a steering wheel lock on, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one. They are meant to prevent or act as a deterrent to stop your car from being stolen.

What are the different types of steering wheel locks?

Full Face Steering Wheel Lock

A full-face steering wheel lock is a lock that covers the whole steering wheel to prevent anyone from gripping the steering wheel.

For drivers who care about security, a full-face steering wheel lock is a great choice. It’s made from high-quality metal and comes with a serial number and unique key, meaning it’s more difficult to break in.

They are extremely difficult to remove and if someone were to get into your vehicle and try to remove the disk, it would just spin, making your vehicle immobile.

Half Face Steering Wheel Lock

If you want to stop somebody from driving your car, use a half-face steering wheel lock.

Not only do these half locks cover up the part of the steering wheel, but they also offer other features like a bar-shaped design for stability.

Standard Bar Steering Wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a metal bar that you attach to your steering wheel by attaching it with a double or single hook and then attaching the other end of the lock.

The bar will prevent the steering wheel from turning.

This design is traditional and it works. They are simple to use, store and are sturdy enough to break a window in case of an emergency.

Wheel To Pedal Lock

The Wheel to pedal vehicle security system is a steering wheel lock that hooks onto the steering wheel and then the brake pedal to block access to these important systems.

There is only one type of this lock to be found on the market because the design is not the best for everyday use.

A long reinforced steel bar that hooks the brake pedal and steering wheel together. This prevents the steering wheel from moving and is worth investing in if required.

Does a steering wheel lock damge a steering wheel

Does a steering wheel lock damge a steering wheel

In theory, they shouldn’t damage your steering wheel if you get the correct size and fit the lock correctly.

However, if the steering lock is old, some of the paddings may have come away or been worn off. It’s important to check that all padding is present and correct before fitting.

How do you fit a steering wheel lock?

It depends on what type of steering wheel lock you’ve purchased. If you’ve gone for a steering wheel lock like the Stoplok Pro, it has two hooks that attach to the bottom of the steering wheel, and the top part of the lock threads through the steering wheel. It’s simple to attach and remove.

A full-face lock, like the Disklok, covers the steering wheel, preventing it from turning. They are extremely difficult to remove and are the most expensive to purchase, but they offer the best security.

Which is the best steering wheel lock?

We tested the leading steering wheel lock brands to determine once and for all what’s the best. There are two we think are the best: one for extra security and the other for everyday use.

Both are certified with a solid gold secure.

  1. Disklok Steering Wheel Lock.
  1. Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock.
  2. Artago Premium Anti-Theft Car Steering Wheel Lock.
  3. Milenco High Security Steering Wheel Lock.
  4. Streetwize Urban X Steering Wheel Lock.

What is Sold Gold Secure?

What is Sold Gold Secure

What is Sold Secure’s, Gold Lock? The Sold Secure organisation tests lock and assign them one of 4 grades: Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze. A Gold Locks offer “excellent protection and the highest security level”.

Does a steering wheel lock reduce insurance?

Does a steering wheel lock reduce insurance

They used to, but no longer do. Since they are no longer Thatcham-approved, insurance companies have ceased using them as a security metric to reduce insurance.

Are steering wheel locks Thatcham approved?

Are steering wheel locks Thatcham approved

Not anymore they ceased being approved for a few years.

Things to think about when buying a steering wheel lock?


A steering wheel lock can be anywhere from 5kg – 1kg depending on the make and model.

One disadvantage of a full-face lock is the weight. These locks can be heavy and difficult to move around, which can pose problems when working in small spaces. For example, StopLok PRO, which weighs 2.5kg, provides excellent protection for your vehicle’s wheels

Daily Use & Storage

After testing all the steering wheel locks on the market, we took how comfortable and practical they were to use on a daily basis into serious consideration.

When testing a full face disk lock, storage became a problem. Moving it around my car to fit the family in we often found the boot was the only space to store the lock and sometimes I simply forgot to put the lock on after a long day. There was also a short learning curve in order to fit the lock correctly.

A bar lock is easy to use on a daily basis and takes up less space, but they offer fewer security features and aren’t as strong as a deterrent. However, they’re still easy to hand and simple to fit.


While steering wheel locks are relatively affordable, they may not be worth the investment if they break in about six months. Quality like Stoplok Pros or Diskloks will stand up to the test of time.



Do steering wheel locks actually work? In a word, yes they do. They help to prevent theft and put off any thieves, making it extremely difficult to steal.

We recommend Disklok or Stoplok brands. You can read our blog post-Disklok vs Stoplock to figure out which one would work best for you here.