Do Steering Wheel Locks Deter Thieves?


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Do Steering Wheel Locks Deter Thieves

How To Prevent A Thief.

  • Physical obstacle. Owning a wheel lock is putting another lock on your vehicle. The steering wheel lock prevents anyone from moving the steering wheel when trying to drive away.
  • The physical presence of a lock will put crooks off. They will think twice before even trying to steel your vehicle. Make it difficult for anyone to move your car without your permission.
  • Take the keys with you if you are leaving your vehicle somewhere. Sounds simple but some people lock their steering wheel and leave the key in the car.
  • Park somewhere in plain view. Goes without saying make sure you are parking your car in a secure car park.
  • Think about cameras. Where you are parking your car does it have CCTV
  • Use a garage.

At the end of the day, you want to make stealing your vehicle as hard as possible. Don’t give thieves the opportunity to even think they can get their hands on your car. THINK TWICE.

Can Steering Wheel Locks Be Broken?

It is very possible to break a steering wheel lock with the right tools.

The most common way of breaking one would be to use an electric drill and cut through it quickly, without removing any parts from the car or truck.

What Is A Steering Wheel Lock?

A steering wheel lock is a system that utilizes a steering wheel in order to immobilize the steering system of a vehicle by applying a bar-type or dick lock. While the system is in use, the car will be impossible to steer with any success. They can be bought online and really easy to install in your car or truck. They come in different models depending on what level of security you want to have against thieves stealing your car. Check out our car-specific page to work out what is the best steering wheel lock to protect and secure your car or van.

What Is The Best Steering Wheel Lock?

There are lots of steering wheel locks out there, and they come in all different shapes and forms. If you’re looking for the best car steering wheel lock, look no further than these two steering wheel locks.


The most secure steering wheel lock has to be the Disklok full face.

Motor vehicle theft has become more and more of a problem over the years, and car owners are looking for more and more ways to protect their vehicles. Securing your investment with the strongest steering wheel lock is a must. The Disklok has a patented design, the whole lock spins on the attack, which will prevent the steering wheel from being turned with the lock still in place. The whole lock also helps to stop the car’s built-in steering wheel lock from being broken. The Disklok comes in three sizes-small, medium, and large, and the most secure of all the steering wheel locks.

The World’s Strongest Lock can’t be cut, drilled, or bumped open. Reinforced steel construction guards against theft, and an award-winning design makes this lock perfect to secure your vehicle. When police departments recommend a product, you know you’re getting something of quality.

We always suggest you measure your steering wheel before you purchase any steering wheel lock.


We love the Stoplock Pro here at its the best of both worlds lighter than the Disklock offers a visual deterrent and they are super easy to fit. There are a few different types of lock Stoplock offer but we would recommend the top-of-the-range Stoplock Pro-HG 150-00 for maximum security.

It’s really important to protect what’s valuable to you. We all know how much of our lives are spent with our car. And the best way to protect your car high-visual steering wheel lock. If you’ve got the right steering wheel lock, thieves won’t just be able to drive away with your car. Make it hard for would-be thieves to steal your vehicle.

Is It Worth Getting A Steering Wheel Lock?

A steering wheel lock can be installed in seconds and is an inexpensive way to protect against a thief’s attempt at breaking into the vehicle.

Car thieves are constantly changing their tactics when comes to stealing cars they will use technology and many other methods to get away with your vehicle. The one thing that has stood the test of time is a steering wheel lock. There is a reason because they are hard to break and add that extra inconvenience to any would-be thief. With that in mind, many people wonder how can a steering wheel lock stop a thief? Well, the truth is they can’t but what they can do is make it dam hard for anyone trying to nick your vehicle. You have to think about this as a multi-layer approach to making your car secure. Think about it if there are two cars exactly the same make and model on the same road one has a steering wheel lock on and the other doesn’t which one do you think the crook will try and get away with first?

Steering Wheel Lock Pricing.

The price of a steering wheel lock can be as little as £15 and rise to over £200 depending on the make and model. As with anything in life you get what you pay for..

We have recommended the best one below in this short blog but if you are looking for a specific steering wheel lock check out our car guide above.

Benefits Of Owning A Steering Wheel Lock.

  • The benefit of owning a steering lock is peace of mind. No more needless worrying, you have done everything you can to prevent your car from being stolen.
  • Stops thieves from turning the wheel. Sounds silly but if someone gets into your car you have added more time to your car and made it less desirable to be stolen.
  • SAVE YOU MONEY. You will never know how much money a steering wheel lock has saved you over the year. Preventing theft of your vehicle, acting as a deterrent the steering lock saves you money by not allowing your car to be stolen.

Types of Steering Wheel Locks.


The enclosed steering wheel lock looks like it would be very difficult to remove, it encloses the steering wheel preventing anyone from trying to turn the wheel. Usually made from metal the enclosed steering wheel lock would prevent any would-be thief from stealing your vehicle.

The drawback with an enclosed steering wheel lock is they are large by nature and can be heavy to remove and lock into place.


The most common steering wheel lock is the bar lock. They are simple to attach with their extendable arms and most have universal fittings with some kind of LED fitted to warn off any tempted thief’s. The idea behind the bar look is to prevent the steering wheel from being turned. Key benefits they are light and don’t take up much room.


The idea behind the pedal to wheel lock is to prevent the key two parts of the car from being used. They are large and can be cumbersome to put together, but look extremely difficult to remove and if that’s the idea your going for then a pedal-to-wheel lock could be for you.

Other Thoughts On Do Steering Wheel Locks Deter Thieves?

  • Choose a steering lock with an LED and is brightly colored. You want to let everyone know there is a steering lock on this vehicle. The brighter they are the better they can be seen from a distance. An LED will shine in the dark acting as a deterrent.
  • Make sure your steering wheel lock is easy to use. Take a look at the steering wheel lock, ask yourself does the steering lock comes in two parts or one? A two-piece lock can be more secure but also can course fitting issues.
  • Are you more bothered by deterrents or security?
  • Does the steering lock come with a manufacturer’s guarantee? If your car is stolen will the manufacturers cover your loss?
  • Budgets, do you buy a cheaper one or a better quality steering wheel lock? You don’t want a lock that is easy to break snap off
  • Does your steering wheel lock come with extra padding? Some vehicles are the pride and joy owners so they don’t want to damage their steering wheel. Does the lock offer and extra padding?

Frequently Asked Questions.


A: It depends on if you fit them correctly. There is no reason for them to damage your steering wheel.


A: Yes, if you buy the correct lock. Make sure you measure your steering wheel and purchase the correct lock.


A: Yes, most steering locks come with three keys. (don’t leave them in the car as some people have in the past)

Final Thoughts.

In this blog we look at do steering wheel locks deter thieve? Well, there are plenty of things to consider when buying your first steering wheel lock. Like with most things you purchase there are compromises to make. Ease of use? A deterrent? Overall security or a little of them all. In our other blog post, we look at the best locks for your specific vehicle make and models or you can check out what is the best CCTV camera and other security ideas.