Best Steering Wheel Lock For Motorhome.


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Best Steering Wheel Lock For Motorhome Buyers Guide

Securing your motorhome when parked or on the move is a priority for many owners, and steering wheel locks provide an effective solution.

But with so many options on the market, how do you find the right one for your needs? In this comprehensive guide, we explore the “Best Steering Wheel Lock for Motorhome,” detailing the top choices to ensure your prized possession stays right where you left it.

Whether you need a heavy-duty lock for long-term storage or a lightweight option for more frequent use, we have tested and reviewed major security locks to give you the best recommendations, including products like Disklok and Stoplock Elite Pro.

Before you make a purchase, our analysis will help you understand what you need and how much you should expect to invest.

Quick Verdict Of The Best Steering Wheel Lock For Motorhome

Disklock most secure

We recommend the Large Disklok Steering Wheel Lock for its full-face coverage and anti-tampering features, making it the most secure option for your Motorhome

  • Covers the Whole Wheel: Makes it hard for thieves to grip or cut the wheel.
  • Built to Last: Strong materials mean they won’t break easily.
  • Easy to Use: Quick to put on and take off, no hassle.
Disklok Full Cover (Large)
Stoplock Pro Elite Universal Fit
Milenco Commercial
Maypole Universal Lock
Disklok Car Steering Wheel Full Cover Security Anti-Theft Lock Police Approved (Large 41.5cm - 44cm,...
Stoplock Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock HG 150-00 - Safe Secure Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bar -...
Milenco 512 Commercial Steering Wheel Lock, 14.0 cm*76.0 cm*5.0 cm, Yellow
BITS4REASONS New Model Maypole Universal Steering Wheel Lock MP5494
4.5 Kilograms
2.6 Kilograms
2.5 Kilograms
2.75 Kilograms
Price not available
Disklok Full Cover (Large)
Disklok Car Steering Wheel Full Cover Security Anti-Theft Lock Police Approved (Large 41.5cm - 44cm,...
4.5 Kilograms
eBay Prices
Stoplock Pro Elite Universal Fit
Stoplock Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock HG 150-00 - Safe Secure Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bar -...
2.6 Kilograms
eBay Prices
Milenco Commercial
Milenco 512 Commercial Steering Wheel Lock, 14.0 cm*76.0 cm*5.0 cm, Yellow
2.5 Kilograms
eBay Prices
Maypole Universal Lock
BITS4REASONS New Model Maypole Universal Steering Wheel Lock MP5494
2.75 Kilograms
Price not available
eBay Prices

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​Disklok Steering Lock

Securing your motorhome requires a robust steering wheel lock that goes beyond the basic functionality. Consider a device that not only covers the entire wheel to prevent cutting but also safeguards against airbag and keyless entry thefts.

This Disklok, with its anti-drill and anti-pick features, has earned a Sold Secure Gold rating for its stringent security measures. Its design is not only highly visible but also allows for simple fitting and removal.

Plus, it comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and is available in three sizes, with the large size being a common choice for motorhomes.

This comprehensive guide will delve into these features to help you understand why a steering wheel lock with these characteristics could be the ideal choice for your vehicle.

Disklok Car Steering Wheel Full Cover Security Anti-Theft Lock Police Approved (Large 41.5cm – 44cm,…
  • WORLD’S MOST STRONGEST & EFFECTIVE STEERING WHEEL LOCK – The unique design of the Disklok has a long…
  • AWARD WINNING DESIGN RECOMMENDED BY THE POLICE – By consistently being the best on the market, Disklok…

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Extra Info

  • Covers the entire wheel preventing cutting the wheel
  • Prevents airbag theft
  • A mechanical device which deters keyless entry thefts
  • Anti-drill and anti-pick locking barrel
  • Sold Secure Gold
  • The simple design allows fitting and removal in a few seconds
  • Is ultra-visible, increasing the deterrent factor
  • 3-year Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Includes 3 keys, spare key code, and fitting guide
  • Comes in three sizes you will require the large one


  • Great deterrent.
  • Comes with three keys.
  • Anti-drill and anti-pick locking barrel.
  • Eight disc spinning anti drill components. 
  • Soft inner lining to protect the steering wheel.
  • Comes in three sizes – small – medium & large.


  • Large (41.5cm – 44cm).
  • Heavy 4.5 kg.
  • Can be tricky to fit at first.
  • Takes up boot space.

Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock

The Stoplock Pro Elite Steering Wheel Lock, is your go-to for vehicle security. Police-approved and tailored for SUVs with larger steering wheels, this highly visible lock is fully attack-tested and snaps shut in seconds.

Weighing just 2.6 kg and easy to use, it comes with a protective bag and two keys for your convenience.

While it may not be as robust as a full steering wheel lock, its compact and efficient design makes it a dependable choice for keeping your vehicle safe.

We use this as our daily steering wheel lock when driving around the country.

Stoplock Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock HG 150-00 – Safe Secure Heavy Duty Anti-Theft Bar -…
  • STOP CAR THIEVES by using a Stoplock steering wheel lock; this popular power tool resistant anti-theft…
  • TOP OF THE RANGE MODEL with a 10 year guarantee – 10, 000 key combinations – two keys supplied -…
  • FULLY ATTACK TESTED – has an anti-drill lock – made from hardened components

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Extra Info

  • Police Approved
  • Fits SUV’s with larger air bags and steering wheels
  • Highly Visible
  • Fully attack tested
  • Fits in seconds
  • Snaps shut without a key
  • 10,000 key combinations
  • Come with a protective bag


  • Light 2.6 kg.
  • Easy to use.
  • Takes up little space.
  • Comes with two keys.
  • Attack tested and recommended.


  • Doesn’t seem as strong as a full steering wheel lock.
  • No LED warning light.
  • Could be cumbersome for less able drivers.

Artago Premium Anti-Theft Car Steering Wheel Lock

Looking for a lightweight and technologically advanced way to secure your vehicle? The Artago Premium Anti-Theft Car Steering Wheel Lock might be the solution. Weighing only 1.5kg, it’s equipped with a 120db alarm and LED light alarm, powered by a single CR2 lithium battery.

While these features make it convenient and modern, it’s worth noting that it hasn’t been gold security standard tested and may not be as secure as some larger, full locks.

Artago 870 Steering Wheel Lock with Alarm 120dB ON/Off, Warning Function, Replaceable Alarm Module,…
  • THE MOST ADVANCED STEERING WHEEL LOCK: Without or with alarm, YES you can choose. Also, besides its…
  • MORE SECURE & VISIBLE: Best Steering wheel lock chosen by specialist in the AutoBild magazine comparison….
  • PRACTICAL AND EASY TO USE: Thanks to its exclusive Press & Click system, this car anti theft device is…

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  • 120db alarm plus
  • Light weight 1.5kg
  • LED light alarm.
  • single CR2 lithium battery
  • ‎1.58 kg


  • Not gold security standard tested
  • Not as secure as a full lock
  • Smaller then others

Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock

When it comes to vehicle security, finding the right balance between protection and convenience can be a challenge.

The Milenco High-Security Steering Wheel Lock aims to provide both. Designed to meet and exceed the Sold Secure Gold Automotive standard, this lock assures a high level of security. Its visibility acts as a powerful theft deterrent, while the three included high-security keys offer both durability and reliability. One of its standout features is its unique and innovative design, allowing for fast and easy fitment in just a few seconds.

Plus, it’s adaptable, fitting over 90% of steering wheels. Weighing 2.5 kg, it’s manageable, but it’s worth noting that it’s not as secure as some other wheel locks and its length of 54.5cm might pose some difficulty in locking.

Also, its appearance may not be as intimidating as other models. In this review, we’ll delve into these pros and cons to give you a comprehensive view of whether this steering wheel lock might be the right choice for your vehicle.

Milenco High Security Steering Wheel Lock + Silver with Pad and Bag
  • Exceeds the Sold Secure Gold Automotive standard – Sold Secure is the toughest security rating
  • Supplied with 2 x Steering Wheel Soft Pads for enhanced steering wheel protection
  • Quality carry bag for safe storage

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Extra Info

  • High-security steering wheel lock.
  • Designed to pass and exceed the Sold Secure Gold Automotive standard.
  • Highly visible and powerful theft deterrent.
  • Comes with 3 x High-Security keys which are both durable and highly reliable.
  • Unique innovative design, that allows for fast and easy fitment in just a few seconds.
  • Fits 90%+ of steering wheels.


  • Easy to fit.
  • Gold Sold Secure standard.
  • Weight 2.5 kg.
  • 3 x keys.


  • Not as secure as other wheel locks.
  • Long 54.5cm. 
  • Could have difficulty locking.
  • Not as variously intimating as others.

Maypole Universal Steering Wheel Lock

For those seeking an accessible and robust solution to vehicle security, the Maypole Universal Steering Wheel Lock is a notable option to explore. Designed with a universal fit that accommodates various steering wheels, its solid metal construction stands out with a bright yellow colour. More than just a visual deterrent, this lock ensures a more comprehensive protection by covering the airbag and incorporating features that resist drilling and sawing attempts.

The milled finish adds a sleek touch to the overall appearance. With its striking color and strong anti-theft features, this steering wheel lock not only looks formidable but is built to act as a serious impediment to potential thieves.  

BITS4REASONS New Model Maypole Universal Steering Wheel Lock MP5494
  • Universal fit for steering wheels up to 43cm (17″) – right hand drive vehicles only. Max width of…

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Extra Info

  • Universal fit for steering wheels
  • Solid metal construction with bright yellow colour
  • Covers the airbag
  • Provides a strong deterrent against theft


  • Bright color deterrent.
  • Anti drilling device
  • Anti saw bar
  • Milled finish


  • Takes up boot space
  • Right-hand drive vehicles only

How To Measure Your Steering Wheel

  1. Use the tape measure to get the total outside diameter of your steering wheel. This is the area from one far side of the steering wheel to the other.
  2. Measure the grip circumference of your steering wheel in centimeters (cm). Wrap your tape measure around the thickest part of your steering wheel to get this measurement.

In this guide, you will find a number of steering wheel locks for your SUV. The sizes of steering wheels do vary depending on the model year. We always recommend you measure your steering wheel before making a purchase. Please check out our beginner’s guide to steering locks here. has researched to the best of its ability to recommend steering wheel locks to secure your vehicle.

Types of steering wheel locks

Full Face Steering Wheel Lock

A full-face steering wheel lock is a lock that covers the whole steering wheel to prevent anyone from gripping the steering wheel.

Some of the most secure steering wheel locks on the market are full-face. For those who want more peace of mind, they’re made from high-quality metal and have a serial number and unique key.

They are extremely difficult to remove and if someone were to get into your vehicle and try to remove the disk, it would just spin, making your vehicle immobile.

Half Face Steering Wheel Lock

A half-face steering wheel lock covers half of the steering wheel to prevent the steering wheel from moving. They are effective and offer a combination of features, such as a full-face and bar-like. We have listed the best ones below.

Standard Bar Steering Wheel lock

A steering wheel lock is a metal bar that you attach to your steering wheel with a double or single hook and then attach to the other end. The bar will prevent the steering wheel from turning. This is a traditional design and one that works. They are simple to use and store and can also be used as a hammer style in case you need to smash a window in an emergency.

Wheel To Pedal Lock

The Wheel to Pedal steering wheel lock attaches to the steering wheel with hooks and then onto the brake pedal to prevent the steering wheel and brake system from being used. There are only a few of these types wheel to pedal locks on the market because the design isn’t the easiest to use for everyday use.

A long reinforced steel bar that hooks the brake pedal and steering wheel together. This ensures that the steering wheel will not turn. These can take a little longer to set up but are a worthwhile investment if required.

Factors To Consider


Steering wheel locks typically weigh between 5kg and 1kg, depending on the make and model.

One disadvantage of a full-face wheel lock is the weight. These wheel locks can be heavy and difficult to move around, which can lead to issues when working in small areas. A Disklock, for example, weighs around 5kg. Whereas a Stoplock pro weights 2.5kg

Daily Use & Storage

After testing all the steering wheel locks on the market, daily use becomes a big factor.

When testing a full face disk lock, storage became a problem. Moving it around my car to fit the family in we often found the boot was the only space to store the lock and sometimes I simply forgot to put the lock on after a long day. There was also a short learning curve in order to fit the lock correctly.

A bar lock is easier to use on a daily basis and takes up less space, but it offers fewer security features and is not as strong as a deterrent. However, it was always easy to hand and simple to fit.


As with anything you buy in life, if you buy cheap you buy twice. A good quality steering wheel lock should last you a lifetime. A bar lock like a Stoplok Pro or a full-face disk lock like a Disklok is the best quality on the market.

Steering Wheel Lock Sizes

Most steering wheel locks will fit the majority of vehicles.

A bar-style lock will fit most steering wheels of any size. You’ll need to consider the size of the airbag: a Stoplock Pro will fit a small airbag and a Stoplock Pro Elite will fit a larger airbag. Check out our full review here.

A full-face steering wheel usually comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. A smaller full-face wheel will fit most hatchbacks and sedans; a medium-size will fit most SUVs and people carriers, and a large one is made for vans.


A steering wheel lock is designed to prevent theft. They are a fantastic deterrent for any would-be criminals. We strongly recommend you purchase a well-known or branded steering wheel with plenty of reviews.

How do motorhomes get stolen?

Most motorhomes are stolen by bypassing the immobilizer system or breaking into the family home to find the keys. They are usually stolen to order and then broken down into parts to sell on the black market. Owning a steering wheel lock is a must to prevent an opportunist or professional thief, making it hard on the b*****ds.

What makes motorhomes theft more likely

It is exciting being on holiday having traveled hundreds of miles it’s easy to get distracted at service stations or at the campsite booking in leaving valuables on the dash such as ipads, mobile phones, wallets, and handbags a simple rule of thumb is here every time you park your motorhome has locked the door and remove all visible valuables. You don’t know who’s around so it’s best to be safe than sorry.

Check List To Secure Your Motor Home

  1. Lock all doors and windows
  2. Lock your motorhome every time you leave.
  3. Fit a steering wheel lock (listed below are 7 of the best)
  4. Have an immobiliser fitted such as a ghost immobiliser system that has a unique way of starting your motorhome.
  5. Alternative to a steering wheel lock, get a gear box lock.
  6. Parking for long stays, and wheel claps are the way forward.
  7. Close and lock roof hatches, even on sunny days.
  8.  Car GPS Tracker
  9. Add Security Window Etching
  10. Add extra security to all doors and windows such as a Lock M Out Device 

When Thinking about Motorhome Security

Motorhome security is a must as motorhomes and campervans are now being targeted and stolen to order. Insurance premiums have gone up and sources confirmed that the thefts were probably due to a demand for replacement parts – low mileage motorhomes and campervans are valuable commodities nowadays. The question is how do you secure your motorhome? Well in this blog you are about to find out.

Visible Security for motorhome and campervan

Multiple security measures should be used in combination to prevent theft. Visible hard-to-remove deterrents are great because thieves risk being seen or caught if they go through the hassle of using an angle grinder, for example. So what are the best visible deterrents for motorhome security? A steering wheel lock, full wheel clamps available for the motorhome, and the clutch claw. We would recommend getting two the easiest to use is a wheel lock. Take a look below to see what we have recommended visible security devices for your campervan or motorhome.

Invisible Deterrents

Motorhome security devices come in all shapes and sizes we definitely recommend one of the first things you do is get a tracking device on your campervan or motorhome. A tracker device has proven time and again that they can quickly find stolen motorhomes or caravans before they have been shipped off to another country or chopped up for parts. Having security devices like a tracking system will bring insurance premiums down for your motorhomes. Thieves will also think twice when they see window stickers.

What are the best tracking systems for a motorhome owner? Well, the simple answer is Tracker Monitor – Thatcham S7 approved. This device can keep you safe wherever you are in Europe. The price includes installation and starts at £179 for 12 months of coverage outside the UK – including France, Spain, Netherlands Poland Italy, and Luxembourg!

What if all that traveling has got to be worth it? Get yourself a tracker today so when we go abroad there’s no need to worry about motorhome security.

Security Camera

The next thing we recommend for motorhomes or campervans security is a security camera, not every motorhome theft is going to be a robbery of the motorhome it could be the thieves are after your number plate or valuables inside the vehicle. We have listed a few of the best cameras below that are reliable and budget-friendly on amazon.

Window Alarms

Window alarms for each window will sound loudly a window is hit or broken. They are relatively cheap to buy and easy to install. Although they don’t stop a person from opening your windows, it will make them think twice about doing so because of how quickly you know someone is coming into your motorhome if one goes off.

The production of the safe and secure motorhome has always been evolving from various sources; some old school while others new technology-driven. One example comes in the form of door locks that have different levels or sorts like keyless entry systems and fingerprint scanning mechanisms for accessing rooms within an individual’s home without using keys at all times. Sometimes the simplest security methods are the best suck as a window catch lock.

Alarm Systems

When thinking about additional security you have to consider alarm systems to prevent motorhome theft. Any insurance company will be looking to see if you have the basics fitted this and tracking devices could see your insurance drastically reduced. Motorhome security isn’t that hard it’s the common sense most of it once you take delivery of your motorhome or caravan any owner should think thieves, extra security, and tracking systems to add extra security.

National Caravan Council

The National Caravan Council currently is working in an attempt to establish a Code of Practice (307) that will set standards for leisure vehicle alarms and trackers. This code would ensure minimum requirements are met with components, system features, installation of complete alarm systems as well as making it so the security system does not interfere with electronic equipment inside the car or truck itself.


A dashcam is a handy device that can provide evidence to police and insurance companies in the event of an accident. Make sure you get one fitted if it’s not too late! The one we would recommend is the best buy Nextbase 622 GW Dash Cam Full 1080p/30fps

Want Additional Security For Your Vehicle

 Then you should consider investing in a Wheel Clamp.  These locks are very difficult to break without power tools.  The clamp sends a strong signal to the would-be thief this is not the vehicle for you.

Below are a few wheel clamps that the industry recommended or for a complete review check out our blog on Wheel Clamps For Motorhomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disklok steering wheel lock for motorhome?

The Disklok Steering Wheel Lock is a security device made to protect motorhomes from theft. Available in three sizes, it fits over the entire steering wheel, making it hard for thieves to tamper with. It’s known for being strong and secure, often coming in bright colors like yellow, which signals to potential thieves that the motorhome is well-protected. Many motorhome owners choose the Disklok for its dependable design and ease of use, making it a popular option for those looking to keep their vehicle safe.

Do steering wheel to pedal locks work?

Yes, steering wheel to pedal locks do work as a security measure for vehicles. These devices connect the steering wheel to the brake or clutch pedal, rendering both unusable until the lock is removed.

While they may not be completely foolproof, they do act as a visible deterrent to potential thieves. By making the theft more time-consuming and challenging, steering wheel to pedal locks can discourage casual thieves and make them move on to an easier target.

For individuals looking for an added layer of protection for their vehicle, this type of lock can be a valuable part of a comprehensive security strategy, especially when used in conjunction with other security measures like alarm systems or immobilizers.

However, it’s worth noting that like any security device, its effectiveness can vary depending on the quality and design of the specific lock used.

What are the disadvantages of steering wheel lock?

Steering wheel locks can be a useful way to protect your car, but they have some drawbacks. They can be inconvenient to put on and take off, and they might not fit all vehicles. If not used carefully, they can scratch the steering wheel, and some professional thieves might still be able to bypass them.

They can also be bulky and hard to store, and the more effective models can be expensive. While they do provide some security, it might be wise to consider them as part of a broader security approach rather than relying on them alone.

Final Thoughts

The best steering wheel lock for your motorhome is either the Disklok or Stoplock Elite Pro after testing all the major brands for well over a year we feel these would be best and the experts agree with us.

The best visual deterrent has to be a steering wheel lock. In this guide, we offer five of the market leaders for wheel locks. As ever, we suggest you measure your steering wheel before purchasing a lock. If you don’t know how to check out our beginner’s guide to wheel locks here.

These are some of the best steering wheel locks for motorhomes on the market. Alongside their different features, they all seem to offer a good weight-to-strongness ratio as well and are very easy to fit.

Finally please do not forget to pay a visit to our gallery page containing lots of different steering wheel locks and manufacturers.