Relay Car Theft Prevention (All You Need to Know)


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Relay Car Theft Prevention

Preventing your car from being stolen in a relay theft is all about being aware of your surroundings and taking extra steps to protect your vehicle.

Car thieves have found a new way of stealing cars without having to break into them. They are using radio waves to unlock car doors remotely. Thieves use a device that simulates a key fob signal, which sends out a signal that unlocks the vehicle automatically.

Forchantly there are ways we can prevent relay theft and they are really simple.

The first is to buy a faraday box or pouch the second is to install a steering wheel lock with these two fairly low-cost security devices you will prevent most relay thefts.

10 Ways To Prevent Car Relay Theft.

1.Move Your Keys Way From The Door.

It’s a simple way to stop relay car theft: keep the keys away from the door and windows. A relay thief will need a few meters to clone the signal of your car. So if you can keep them well out of the way, the best thing you can do is to buy a Faraday box or pouch.

2.Turn Your Key Off.

With modern keys, some manufacturers have placed a small button on the key to turn the signal completely off. This would prevent any relay or cloning of your key.

3.Take The Battery Out Of The Key.

As simple as it sounds, removing the battery overnight will work just as well as any other method.

4.Faraday Box And Pouch.

Faraday cages, also called Faraday boxes or enclosures, are metal boxes that block electromagnetic radiation. The inside of the cage is composed of a metal mesh, which provides an extra layer of protection. These boxes are becoming necessary in the modern world due to the amount of relay car theft in everyday life. With their ease of use and affordability, they are easy to use to prevent relay car theft.

Check out the best faraday boxes on the market here.

5.Steering Wheel Locks.

Why do steering wheel locks prevent relay theft?

A steering wheel lock is an important part of any car’s protection, and there are a few reasons for this. They are highly visual and very difficult to remove quickly.

A steering wheel lock will prevent the steering wheel from being moved. Once your car key has been cloned and the doors unlocked, the only thing left is a steering wheel lock. This cannot be removed with a relay; you need the physical key to remove it. This may be the only thing preventing your car from being stolen.

There are a few options available to find the best car on the market or for your make and model. Check them out here.

6.Install an Immobiliser.

There are plenty of immobilizer options on the market today, but the best is the Ghost Immobilizer. It has a unique way of preventing your car from starting unless you know the sequence of buttons to press to start. Each ghost immobiliser has its own individual startup code that is almost impossible to decipher.

7.Install A Security Pole.

Installing a security pole is one of the best ways to deter theft. The poles are designed to sit behind the car and stick out of the ground to prevent it from being moved.

8.Cable Tie The OBD port or Buy a Protector.

A simple soliton to prevent relay theft is to zip tie back your OBD port so thieves are unable to plug into the car’s database. When you hide the OBD port, the thieves will panic when they realise there is no way of reprogramming the key quickly and most likely leave your car alone.

9.Leave Your Car In A Secure Place.

Sounds simple, but it really is a great place to start when we talk about preventing car theft. The more visible a car is, the less likely it will be targeted.

10.Park Your Car Defensively As You Can.

If you can block your car in, this would be ideal. If you can park an older, less valuable car behind your car, this will create a barrier and make it much harder to steal.

Parking your car in a garage is the best way to protect it from thieves. If you can’t find an open spot, try parking your car in a space where you can block access to it with a less valuable car behind it.

Questions And Answers

1. How can I protect my car from being stolen?

The best way to protect your car from being stolen is to park it in a garage or on a secure, well-lit property. You should also install a car alarm and/or tracking device, consider engraving your car’s VIN number on all major parts and also install a steering wheel lock and place your keys in a Faraday box or pouch.

2. What are some common methods thieves use to steal cars?

There are several common methods thieves use to steal cars these include keyless car theft, house burglary, turbo decoder theft, transponder key cloning, on-board diagnostics compromise, electronic control unit replacement, car key code grabbing, GPS jamming device and pick-up truck theft.

3. How can I make my car less attractive to thieves?

The most common way to make a car less attractive to thieves is to park it in a well-lit area or in a garage. Other ways to make a car less attractive to thieves include installing a tracking device, immobilizer, or alarm system and a steering wheel lock.


Car relay theft can be prevented by taking a few simple precautions. Always keep your doors and windows locked, even if you are just stepping away for a moment. Park in well-lit areas or close to security cameras. Don’t leave the keys near the door and buy a Faraday bag or pouch. To find out more about additional security ideas, check our other pages.