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Thinking about buying a steering wheel lock?  You will have lots of questions.  What lock will fit my vehicle?  How heavy is the lock? Which is the most secure lock?

You have come the right place.  You should find your answer below.


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Which steering wheel lock is best?

The best full face steering wheel lock on the market is the Disklok.  Before purchasing we recommend you read the beginners guide to steering wheel lock here


Are steering wheel locks effective?

They are one of the best visual deterrents to secure your vehicle.


How do I stop my steering wheel theft?

Buy a full face steering wheel lock.


What color cars get stolen the most?

Surprisingly green.


Can you break steering wheel lock?

Yes its not impossible the aim of a steering wheel lock is to act as a visual deterrent. 

What is the best security for a car?
How can I stop my car being stolen?

Make it harder with as many deterrents as you possibly can.

  • CCTV
  • Steering Wheel Lock
  • Ghost immobiliser
  • Wheel Lock
  • Parking Barrier
  • Garage your vehicle
  • Hide keys
How do you pick a steering wheel lock?

Follow our simple beginners guide here


Do wheel locks prevent theft?

Yes, if you want to prevent a theft then its important to have as many visual deterrents as possible.


What is a steering wheel lock called?

Steering wheel lock.


What is a ghost alarm?

Its an immobiliser that has a secrete code to start your car.  


What if I lost my wheel lock key?

You would need to call your local lock smith or you could try and saw it off yourself.


Can thieves bypass car alarms?

Yes, there are anyways to bypass an alarm system depending on make and model.


How do thieves get into locked cars?

Most thieves will brake into your house.  But before they do that they will try the locks of your car.