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Stoplock Pro Review

As a car owner searching for a high-quality steering wheel lock, I found the Stoplock Pro to be an excellent choice. Made of tough, hardened steel, it’s easy to use and effectively deters thieves from targeting my car. Plus, it’s quite affordable, offering great value for my money.

In my experience, the Stoplock Pro stands out as the best steering wheel lock within the Stoplock range. It’s simple to install, convenient to store, and boasts a gold standard security award.

The big difference between the different models is its slight bend, which differs from the Stoplock Pro Elite and other models in the range.

This bend allows for a snug fit around airbags, enhancing its effectiveness. The Pro has a smaller bend in the middle for smaller steering wheels with smaller airbags. (See below pictures)

Stoplock Pro Quick Verdict

The Stoplock Pro is a great steering wheel lock for smaller cars and steering wheels. It is strong and convenient to use on a day-to-day basis.

Stoplock Pro Vs Elite Bend Difference
Stoplock Pro Vs Elite Bend Difference
Stoplock Pro Review
Stoplock Pro Review

If you have a larger car like an SUV with a large airbag then the Eltie could be the steering wheel lock you need.

My wife and I have been using the Stoplock Pro on her Ford Fiesta for over a year, and we’re impressed with its ease of installation and strong visual deterrent.

If you’re curious about the differences between the Stoplock Pro and Pro Elite, I’d recommend checking out Stoplock Pro Vs Elite for more details.


The Stoplock Pro is made from hardened steel and wrapped in a bright yellow outer plastic skin. The Stoplock Pro has a hook-type locking mechanism to attach to the steering wheel and a unique key to unlock it.

Stoplock Pro lock clamp
Stoplock Pro lock clamp
Front review of stoplock pro lock
Front review of stoplock pro lock
Stoplock Pro Review
Stoplock Pro Review


Stoplock Pro Best Price

Stoplock ‘Pro’ Car Steering Wheel Lock W/Keys HG 149-00 – Anti-Theft Security Device – Vehicle Crime…
  • A steering wheel lock that helps to prevent your car from being stolen
  • Fully attack tested, hardened metal parts, physical and visual deterrent
  • 10 years guarantee, 10,000 key combinations, 2 keys

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Stoplock Pro Benefits.

  • Easy to fit
  • Easy to store
  • 10 years manufacturers warranty
  • Sold Secure Automotive Gold
  • Made for smaller cars or older models with less buttons on
  • Fits most cars or vans.
  • Made from hardened metals
  • Stoplock pro fitting chart

Questions And Answers

1. What is Stoplock Pro? 

Stoplock Pro is a security product designed to protect vehicles from theft. It is a device that is fitted to the steering wheel and locks it in place, making it virtually impossible for the thief to steer the vehicle.

2. What are the benefits of using Stoplock Pro? 

According to the Stoplock website, the benefits of using the Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock are that it is “virtually unbreakable,” it is easy to use, it is compact and a visual deterrent.

3. What features does Stoplock Pro offer? 

The Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock offers the following features:

  • A hardened steel construction that is resistant to cutting and sawing
  • A bright yellow finish that is visible from a distance and discourages thieves
  • A reinforced clamp that grips the steering wheel securely and prevents it from being turned
  • A keyed locking mechanism that cannot be picked or defeated easily.

4. How does Stoplock Pro compare to other similar products? 

The Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock is made of hardened steel and is designed to be very difficult to break. We have tested nearly all the steering wheel locks on the market and found the Stoplock Pro to be our prefered steering wheel lock. The rest don’t really stand up apart for the Disklok but then you will be paying considerably more money for a heavy and more cumbersome steering wheel lock.

5. How easy is it to install Stoplock Pro? 

The Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock is easy to install. It comes with a simple instruction manual that is easy to follow. The entire process should take no more than a few minutes. You can also check out our video on how to fit correctly here.

6. How durable is Stoplock Pro? 

The Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock is made of hardened steel and is designed to withstand attacks. It has been tested to solid gold secure standard, which is the best standard on the market and if fitted correctly will be extremely difficult to get off.

7. How long does Stoplock Pro last? 

According to the manufacturer, the Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock has a guarantee of 10 years with normal use. After using one for over a year I would say if you look after the Stoplock Pro they would last a lifetime.

8. What is the warranty on Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock? 

The Stoplock Pro has a one-year warranty from most retailers. However, there is a 10-year manufacturing guarantee.

9. What’s the difference between Stoplock Pro and elite?

There is a slight difference between the Stoplock Pro and the elite steering wheel lock. To find out more check out our full review on Stoplock Pro vs Stoplock Pro Elite here.

10. Is Stoplock Pro good?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively as “good” is a subjective term. However, Stoplock Pro steering wheel locks are one of the most popular brands on the market and generally receive high marks from reviewers. We think they are brilliant and cost-effective.

11. Is Stoplock Pro Thatcham approved?

No, the Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock is not Thatcham approved. Steering wheel locks were discontinued from Thatcham in around 2013. No steering wheel lock is Thatcham approved anymore.

12. Do wheel locks stop thieves?

Yes, wheel locks stop thieves by making it more difficult for them to steal a car. Wheel locks are devices that are placed on the wheels of a car and make it more difficult for the thief to remove the wheel and take the car.

Final Thoughts

In my search for a top-notch steering wheel lock, I discovered the Stoplock Pro, which turned out to be a fantastic choice and is clearly among the best in its class. This steering wheel lock is meticulously designed to ward off potential car thieves with its highly conspicuous and effective visual deterrent. Its striking yellow color, user-friendly design, secure fastening, and suitability for a variety of steering wheels make it an asset worth investing in.

When I contrast the Stoplock Pro with other alternatives on the market, such as Disklok, Streetwize, Milenco, and Monojoy, it undeniably stands out.

An interesting feature to note is that the Stoplock Pro, while not holding Thatcham Category 3 approval, still serves as a robust anti-theft device that would give thieves a tough time to dislodge, whether they’re using hand tools or power tools. Thanks to its dual-hook design and the brand’s impressive 30-year track record in vehicle security, I can trust the Stoplock Pro to offer steadfast protection for my car.

What impresses me about the Stoplock Pro is that despite its robust build and effectiveness, it’s reasonably priced and straightforward to install and remove. Its compact size is another bonus, making it easy to stash in the footwell when not in use.

Its sturdy build enhances its resistance against forceful attacks, providing an extra layer of security. All things considered, the Stoplock Pro has earned its spot in my car, ensuring that it stays safe and secure.