What Do Thieves Do With Stolen Cars UK  (Updated)

What Do Thieves Do With Stolen Cars UK

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In the UK, thieves typically steal cars for one of two reasons: resale or joyriding. In some cases, cars are stolen to order, but this is less common. If a thief steals a car for resale, they will often strip it for parts and sell those parts individually.

This can be lucrative, as many parts can be sold for more than the value of the entire car. In other cases, thieves will steal cars for joyriding – that is, to simply drive around and have fun.

This is more common with younger thieves. If they are caught, they will likely be charged with driving without insurance, driving without a license, and possession of the stolen property. 

How many stolen cars are there in the UK each year?

Vehicle theft rates are on the rise in the UK. The number of vehicles stolen increased by 3% in 2021, according to DVLA data, and police reports say we have 48,400 cars now officially registered as stolen. That’s up from 46,800 vehicles in 2020.

The Ford Fiesta is the most stolen car in the UK, simply due to the sheer number of them on the road. It’s the most popular car sold in the UK, followed by the Range Rover. However, new figures suggest the Fiat 500 is now becoming a popular target for thieves.

How many cars get stolen a day UK?

On average of 133 cars are stolen every day in Britain – or 933 per week. But such thefts were significantly greater before the pandemic, with DVLA figures showing that 58,642 cars had been stolen from owners in 2019 – 20% higher than last year.

What percentage of stolen cars are recovered the UK?

The number of stolen vehicles in the UK that are never recovered has reached an all-time high of 72%. Many cars are damaged and not returned. As such, it is difficult to find a stolen car in the UK.

What is the most stolen electric vehicle in the UK?

Despite a focus on green energy and reducing fuel consumption, the most stolen car in the UK is Mitsubishi Outlands with around 2,700 thefts..

What is the best deterrent to stop a car from being stolen?

A steering wheel lock is a device that locks a car’s steering wheel in place, making it impossible to steer. One of the best ways to protect your car is with one of these locks. They are inexpensive and simple to install in seconds. All you have to do is thread them through your steering wheel and clamp down on the end.

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List Of The Most Stolen Cars In The UK

  1. Ford Fiesta
  2. Fiat 500
  3. Range Rover Sport
  4. Range Rover Autobiography
  5. Land Rover Discovery
  6. Range Rover Vogue
  7. BMW X5
  8. Range Rover Evoque
  9. Mercedes-Benz E-Class
  10. Land Rover Defender,
  11. Mercedes-Benz S-Class,
  12. BMW X 6, Mercedes-Benz GL
  13. Audi A4
  14. Mercedes-Benz C-Class
  15. Mercedes-Benz GLC,
  16. BMW M3,
  17. Audi Q7

According to the Association of British Insurers, the Ford Fiesta was the most stolen vehicle in Britain in 2021 with 3,909 thefts over the course of the year. This may not be so shocking given that it’s been a popular car for years and has always been used as a sort-after vehicle.

The Range Rover was the second most stolen car in the UK, with 3,754 thefts. This is because it’s a brand new premium SUV that is expensive and sought-after by thieves. They are usually stolen for parts or to order.

The top 10 most stolen cars this year are according to https://www.dailypost.co.uk/

  1. Ford Fiesta Zetec – 418 stolen
  2. Ford Fiesta Titanium Turbo – 351 stolen
  3. Range Rover Sport HSE SDV6 – 315 stolen
  4. Ford Fiesta Titanium X – 311 stolen
  5. Ford Fiesta ST-2 Turbo – 300 stolen
  6. Ford Fiesta ST-3 Turbo – 272 stolen
  7. Ford Fiesta Titanium – 241 stolen
  8. Ford Fiesta Zetec Turbo – 204 stolen
  9. Range Rover Sport HSE Dynamic SDV6 – 174 stolen
  10. BMW 520D M Sport – 131 stolen

What is the hardest car to steal?

According to the experts the most hardest cars to steel are the following:

  1. BMW 3 Series
  2. Hyundai Tucson
  3. Tesla Model S
  4. Volkswagen Tiguan
  5. Mercedes Benz GL 500
  6. Jaguar XF
  7. Nissan Leaf
  8. Hyundai Tucson
  9. Audi A4
  10. Tesla Model X
  11. Land Rover Discovery
  12. Lexus HS 250h

Where do most stolen cars end up?

Most stolen cars end up either being resold, used for transportation or for other criminal activity, or abandoned.

How do thieves usually steal cars?

The most common way that thieves steal cars is by breaking into them and hot-wiring the ignition.

What are the most commonly stolen cars in the UK?

According to a report by the UK’s Office for National Statistics, the most commonly stolen cars in the UK are the Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, VW Golf, VW Polo, Audi A3, and BMW 3 Series.

What are the consequences of getting caught stealing a car in the UK? 

The consequences for getting caught stealing a car in the UK are fines, imprisonment, and a criminal record.


Stolen vehicles in the UK are most likely to be dismantled and sold for parts, with luxury vehicles often being shipped overseas. If you have had your car stolen, it is important to act quickly and report the theft to the police. There is a chance that your car will be recovered, but it is important to be realistic about the chances of this happening. In the meantime, you should start shopping for a replacement vehicle.

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