What is The Best Car Key Signal Blocker Buyers Guide

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What is the best car key signal blocker?

The best car signal blocker is called Faraday bags or pouches.  With the future of electrification and almost all car manufacturers producing keyless cars, there has been a sharp rise in keyless entry car theft. If you can prevent becoming a victim to a keyless car theft and one of the simplest is a Faraday signal blocker. There are many types of Faraday bags and boxes on the market you can choose from. In this blog, you will learn what are the market leaders and the very best key signal blockers.

How do Faraday bags/cages work?

A Faraday bag works because radio waves move through electric fields which interact with the charges that are naturally present in metal electric fields pushing positive charges away from them. This means that when they hit a faraday bag or pouch the negative charges collect on the side of the bag nearest the signal source whilst the positive electrons accumulate on the other side becoming the incoming field. The positive to negative direction now since the charges in the metal have become orientated themselves in the opposite direction they produce their own electric field going the other way, meaning that they cancel each other out inside the pouch and the radio waves can’t pass through, therefore protecting your keys.

Police have advised people in the UK with wireless ignition systems to keep their keys in a Faraday bag or tin to prevent relay car theft where thieves read the signal off of your key fob from outside the house start your car and then drive away.

Will putting my keys in a biscuit tin prevent my car from being?

The simple answer is no you need a Faraday box or pouch to protect your key from transmitting a signal.  Moving your key away from the door should help prevent your car key from transmitting but with the thief’s increasing signal range technology the best option is to buy a box or pouch.

Quick hack if you need to act now.

Wrap your key in tin foil for a temporary measure.  With technology moving so fast thief’s can now pick up key signals from almost anywhere within your home.

 MONOJOY 2 Pack Faraday Pouch

MONOJOY Faraday Pouch for Car Keys, 2 Pack Faraday Pouch, Car Key Signal Blocker Pouch with Hook Securing Chain, Anti-theft Remote Entry Smart Fobs Protect
  • 【100% SIGNAL BLOCKING 】Faraday pouch stiching with shielded material , simply place the car key into the faraday bag and your car is protected. Stop thieves amplifying your car key signal and opening car, stop your keyless entry car key from being remotely accessed to protect your property.
  • 【IMPROVED DESIGN 】Upgraded zinc alloy hook . Inside key chain attach your key . All the materials have been vigorously tested, which guarantees that the faraday pouch working greatly even after longer periods of use. Reliable, high quality, handmade.
  • 【RFID PROTECTION FUNCTION 】Car key signal blocker pouch is made of high-quality pu leather and thicker rf shielding cloth inside, which can block calls, sms, wi-fi, 5g, nfc signals, etc.It’s suitable for all key fob sizes .Signal blocking pouch measures your car will be protected .
  • 【COMPACT SIZE 】The size of the car key signal blocking pouch is 9cm*14 cm, packed a gift box. Which is easy to carry. We provide 2 pack that you can protect your spare key fob or multiple vehicles in your household.
  • 【UNIVERSAL FIT】The faraday pouch blocking all signal for all device which can put in. You can test it by yourself ! Simple place the car key into the bag, and you will find no reponse from your cars.

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  • 100% Blocks Smart Key Signal
  • PU Leather
  • x2 Pouches
  • 14 x 11 x 0.2 cm


  • No attachment for key chain
  • Cheap feel

Extra Info

  • Top Rated
  • Can Fit In Pocket & Hand Bag
  • Great price

Lanpard 2 Pack Faraday Bag RFID Blocker Bag 

Lanpard 2 Pack Small Faraday Pouch with Hook Securing Keyring, RFID Signal Blocking Faraday Bag for Car Key,Faraday Pouch for Car Keys Anti-theft Remote Entry
  • [ MINI SIZE ] :11.5cm/4.5” x 7.2cm/2.83”,smaller than others,more convenient to carry in most pants pockets.Each Faraday pouch for car keys is rigorously tested before shipment and 100% working properly.
  • [ IMPROVED HOOK&KEYCHAIN DESIGN ] : Upgraded snap hook on the back design,and the inside key ring ensure that taking the car key out easier.
  • [ SECURE YOUR KEYLESS ENTER CAR ] - Simply place the car key fob into the faraday bag and your car is protected. it can prevent criminals from using technology to enter your vehicle or keyless remote entry system to protect your property.
  • [ BLOCKS ALL TYPES OF SIGNALS ] : Like calls, SMS, WiFi, 5G, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC. Blocks and Unblocks in just 5 seconds! Put your car key into faraday bag to prevent vehicle remote control theft criminals.
  • [ HOW DO I KNOW IT’S WORKED ]:With the key in faraday pouches alongside the car handle,try to open the door,the car door will be locked.Go inside the car, try to start the engine,the car stalled.

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When you purchase the Lampard faraday bag its important you place your keys inside the protective side of the pouch.  There are two packets inside the Lampard faraday bag do a quick test to see what side works.  Or check out the video below to find out more.


  • Best Seller
  • Key Chain hook
  • Stylish design
  • Size 14cm x 9cm 
  • x2 Pouches


  • Cheaper purchases

Extra Info

  • Small size to fit  in your pocket or handbag.
  • Key chain hook
  • Blocks all signals

MONOJOY Faraday Pouch for Car Keys Phones (Large Faraday Bag)

Large Faraday Bag - Car key Signal Blocker Pouch for Phones, Keyless Entry RFID Blocker Bag, RFID Blocking Faraday Bag for Keyless Fobs and Remote Entry Keys
  • High-Quality Materials - The larger bag outer layer is made of durable oxford fabric; Mini pocket keyless bag is made of Pu leather. Both material provide waterproof protection and easy to clean and also reduce radiation from electronic devices
  • Car Key Signal Blocker - A car is now stolen every 2 minutes.The criminals use keyfob skimming tools to copy or mimic your keyfob's unique signal code remotely to gain access to your vehicle or keyless entry system.This bag is used for blocking all of the signals out when you put your car keys into it.
  • RFID Card Protection - The bag that blocks all signals for all devices that can be inserted. With advanced RFID blocking technology, hackers and thieves cannot worry about personal information. It can be used as an RFID blocking case. Protect your money. And protect your privacy, blocking the GPS tracking signal of your phone. It also protects your car by blocking the signal of your car key.
  • Practical and Portable - The silver inner layer blocks the signals, the black waterproof outer layer of Oxford 680D fabric can be used as a normal case. Additional support for carrying and hanging, comfortable for you.
  • Application - Suitable for blocking unwanted calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, cell phone GPS, RFID, NFC, car-key FOBS Signal; anti-tracking, anti-spying; Protect your ID card and bank card from degaussing; Prevent radiation damages and all EMF-related disease. Also could be used as a normal bag - a modern and fashionable design suit for various positions of people

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The Monojoy Faraday pouch is a large bag so you can keep multiple keys in overnight or in a backpack or handbag.   Size is 21 x 12 cm so decently on the larger size of Faraday pouches.  This bag will block out all calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC, within 5 seconds of placing into the pouch.


  • Large
  • Multiple key and phone storage
  • Looks good


  • Not pocket size
  • Larger then most

Extra Info

  • Blocks Calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, NFC.
  • Size: Size 21 x 12 cm; Weight 77g.
  • Works with all keyless entry cars.

VONETTI Alpha Shield – Aluminum Faraday Case

VONETTI Premium Keyless Go protection/Aluminium Box for Car Key/RFID Blocking Case/Car Key Safe Box/Car Keyless Entry Fob Guard Signal Blocker Faraday Tin
  • World first! We have responded to the criticism of our customers and have developed a solid box.
  • If your Keyless Go key is in the metal tin, the vehicle can not be started. Your radio remote control is protected by thieves before reading the signals.
  • The VONETTI aluminium box impresses not only with its noble design, but also by its robustness. It has a wall thickness of 2 mm, does not dent and really works on all vehicle types to 100%.
  • Outside dimensions: 8.6 * 2.7 * 4.8 cm, Internal dimensions: 8.2 * 2 *4.1 cm. It's also lined with fine imitation suede, so your key does not rattle and no fingerprints stick to the dull black. The VONETTI box is milled from an aluminum block and therefore can not be easily damaged. Here you really have something for life.
  • You want to feel 100% safe again? Then this is the ideal solution for you. Do not compromise! Buy the VONETTI Premium Aluminum tin now!

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The Vonetti Alpha Shield case is a sturdy hardwearing key signal blocker. With great dimensions 8.6 * 2.7 * 4.8 cm to fit snugly into your pocket, handbag whilst out and about. Or if you are just looking for extra security whilst you sleep this could be the perfect option, small and compact pop them into a draw overnight for peace of mind.


  • Made from Aluminum
  • Good size
  • Great design


  • 80 Grams
  • More expensive then others

Extra Info

  • Outside dimensions: 8.6 * 2.7 * 4.8 cm
  • Internal dimensions: 8.2 * 2 *4.1 cm

MONOJOY Faraday Case & Hook

MONOJOY Faraday Bag for Car Keys, Car Key Signal Shielding Box, RFID Anti-Theft Leather Remote Key Case with Hook and Key Ring (Carbon Fibre)
  • Car key signal blocker: It is designed as a portable key case only for a single key ring. It protects your car key from theft and damage, dust and scratches
  • Improved design: The interior design is like a small box. It is a combination of a Faraday bag and box that strongly blocks signals with high-quality double layer carbon fibre material and thick shielding cloth to ensure signal isolation. 100 % blocking. It is designed to protect your keyring from thieves
  • Premium quality: Hook design for hanging, internal keychain, PU leather carbon fibre and smooth metal zip design, your car will be protected when you put your keys in this bag. Practical and well stitched workmanship. Conveniently use it every day, it also makes a great promotional gift
  • Universal fit: Outer size: 9.5 x 5.5 cm, inner size: 8.5 x 4.3 cm. Our signal blocking box is compatible with over 99% of remote keys to ensure maximum protection
  • - Please refer to the size of the key bag before you place the order and test it first when you receive it. - -

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The Monojoy Faraday case and the hook is the perfect everyday carry for your car key.  Once the key is secured in the case the signal will be blocked the case also comes with a handy chain inside so when you need to drive your car you can remove the key without detaching from the case.  There is also a handy hook on this case to attach to a group of keys.


  • Case
  • Looks good
  • Key hook


  • Only keeps the one key in.


Wrap Car Keys In Foil To Prevent relay theft

Keyless entry car theft all you need to know & more.

End Thoughts.

It’s rubbish we have to think about extra security, long gone are the days where you can leave everything unlocked.  We now have to think about what other preventative measures can we put in place in order to secure our vehicles.   On this website you will find loads of different ideas to maximums your security.